Renegade Call to Arms!

I, like many Renegades, am reeling over the announcement that Renegade is closing.

In case you haven’t heard, here’s the announcement:



I read the announcement and I’ve spoken to Christine. Both are full of hope and promises that Renegade isn’t going away, just changing, evolving, etc. Great messages. Everything a good PR message should be. Everything a strong, trying-to-keep-it-together business person should be when faced with adversity. Yet there is no heart behind the message.

So let’s talk about the heart of the matter… Christine and her vision.

Anyone who’s met her, knows Christine is one of the nicest, most kind hearted people around. She’s a visionary, no doubt, but she is also caring, sweet, and humble. She started this amazing movement. Gave us all a place to gather and celebrate ourselves. The Renegade vision has touched countless lives, helped people of all genders, not only feel comfortable in their skin, but learn to love themselves and the skin they’re in. It’s a lifestyle, a community, and even a movement. That’s something greater and far more important than four walls could ever be.

renegade-christine-closeupChange is hard. It’s big and overwhelming and scary. And this new venture is going to take a lot of work and support. 

But we are Renegades! We are strong and we can accomplish anything we set our minds to!

SO…. RENEGADES! This is our call to you.


To anyone who has stepped into the store and finally felt like you found a store for you. A store that caters to your unique needs that is also filled with heart and real people, not corporations.

To the vendors, both local and afar, whose products she supports, sells and promotes.

To the customers she’s helped with styling tips; sharing her care-free-own-your-own-style attitude.

To anyone who’s talked with her, one-on-one about struggles with weight, clothing, fitting in, and received in return not just a sympathetic ear, but also the encouragement and support to be YOU.

To those who have felt the warmth of her hugs or witnessed her wonderful snort-laugh!

To the weird ones. The ones who think they are different and unusual. The ones who never quite fit in. The ones who, yes walk to the beat of their own drum, but also those create their own beat.

To the plus sized, oddly shaped, short, tall, fat, thin, strange, lovable, wonderfully amazing human beings who unite under the Renegade banner…

We need your help.

Christine, Renegade, and all they represent need your help.

Your community needs your help.renegade-group

We may lose this teal coloured box we call home but the idea that grew within the walls will grow and outlast all of us. No walls can contain the spirit of Renegade! It will continue to grow regardless. But every dream needs helps. Change need helps. Being a small business is one of the hardest things to do and it always needs help.

Want to grow a movement? Here’s how:

  • Buy something from the store. Now and when it goes online. It doesn’t have to be a big purchase. Everything helps! 
  • If you don’t have the money to shop, then share this blog post. Share this post like you’ve never shared anything before! Get the word out! 
  • Share all of Renegade’s posts and social media information (listed at the end of this post). Spread the word about this amazing community.
  • If you have media contacts talk to them. Shine a spotlight on this little city with big dreams. Let’s take this movement global!
  • Volunteer your time! Unless you have a small business you have no idea how hard it is to run. We wear so many hats. Sometimes all we need is some extra hands. If you can’t shop, then donate your time. Whether helping in the store or donating your skills (web design, marketing, social media, book keeping, etc.) every bit helps.



Renegades unite!


Adèle Séguin, Courtney Victoria Peters and Laura Hubbard
Your Ambassadors for the Renegade Call to Arms

Renegade Social Media:



For those of you with Instagram please share this post:



A little note to Christine:

Surprise! A few of us Renegades went rogue and started working on a plan to help.

By now you’re probably an emotional mess. That’s ok. Feel it. Feel the love and support as the community you started now helps you.

You need to know that we love you. More than you realize. This dream of yours is an amazing dream and there are so many people who want to support and help this dream continue to be realized.

I wish you had reached out sooner to give your army more time to rally. But we are here. Just think of us as the Renegade version of Dumbledore’s Army. We will help and support you however you need us to. In whatever form Renegade needs to take.

We just hope that you know Renegades are here. Standing by you. To support you and your Renegade dream.

With armloads of love and big fat squishy hugs,
Adèle Séguin, Courtney Victoria Peters and Laura Hubbard





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