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What We Do

All your alternative fashion needs in one place.

Alternative Seamstress

Looking for a unique piece of clothing? We specialize in one of a kind custom clothing and accessories. All hand-made, locally by our team.

Fashion Consultant

Lots of clothes but unsure how to dress for your body or style? We can organize your wardrobe, identify missing elements, co-ordinate outfits and alter or update existing clothing.

Personal Shopper

Special clothing needs? Unique body shape? Transitioning/transgendered? Cross Dresser? Drag King/Queen?
We can shop for you or with you.

Sewing Lessons

Customized sewing lessons based on your needs. Learn as much or as little as you want, using your own machine. Set in the studio. Both group or private lessons available.

Why Us?

Why Us?

Our philosophy is simple: Every. Body. Matters.

We believe that everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin. The clothing you wear plays a big factor in how you feel about your body. Not only should it be comfortable, fit well and speak to your unique style, it should also enhance your confidence.

It doesn't matter what size you are, what gender you call your own, what genre you like to dress in, or what your kink is. If your body feels comfortable and confident dressing a particular way that's all that matters! And it's just fine with us!

We're here to help you look and feel your best; to accommodate the clothing needs of all interests, in a safe environment, without judgment and completely confidential.

So if that means you want everyday pinup styled outfits, we can do that! If you want BDSM, ABDL or other kink wear we do that too! It's really up to you!

The Naughty Gypsy Team

“The most defining moment came when I worked in a woman’s clothing store. A gentleman came in for a white shirt for his niece. He ended up confiding that the shirt was for himself. I remember how afraid he was. I get frustrated finding clothes that fit me, but to actually be scared while shopping was a new concept. I treated him no differently than any other customer. He bought a few pieces, thanked me and walked away with a smile on his face. I’ll never forget that day and know it has shaped who I am and what I do. Everyone should be able to wear clothes that put a smile on their face and help them feel comfortable in their own skin.” Laura Lee Hubbard - Owner, The Naughty Gypsy
Laura Lee Hubbard
Laura Lee Hubbard
Fabric Artist. Fashion Consultant. Owner.
Susanne Hubbard
Susanne Hubbard
Fabric Artist. Naughty Knitter. Fashion Consultant.

Happy Customers

Your gender. Your size. Your style. Your kink.

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